Huake Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Consultative Center(hereinafter abbreviated as “Huake Center”) , a consulting company affiliated to SFDA ( State Food and Drug Administration) ,was established by the former State Pharmaceutical Administration of China in 1993.

With more than ten years successful track record in providing intellectual property and regulatory services, Huake Center is recognized as one of the most reputable consulting companies by pharmaceutical industry and has established a resourceful network which includes regulators, research institutes, manufactures, distributors, scientists, legal professionals, CRO, etc.

Huake Center is an exclusive agent which is authorized by SFDA to provide services for the application for Administrative Protection for Pharmaceuticals.

Over 150 administrative protections for pharmaceuticals through Huake Center have been granted by SFDA.

Regularly Huake Center sponsors and organizes professional conference on drug registration and pharmaceutical intellectual property. Usually we invite lawmakers and senior officials as main speakers.

Experiencing the major changes of Intellectual property and regulatory environment for pharmaceutical industry in the last decade, Huake Center always focuses on the evolving regulatory environment, and has an in-depth knowledge of current regulations. Huake Center has an experienced and efficient team which is composed of professionals in pharmaceuticals, intellectual property, law and some other fields.

Huake Center always provides precise, timely and efficient professional services for the pharmaceutical enterprises and serves as a bridge for the economic and technical exchanges between the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises