No.146:Announcement of Cessation - Levetiracetam

State Food and Drug Administration

Announcement of Administrative Protection for Pharmaceuticals



Announcement No.146 (Announcement of Cessation) 

Country:                          Belgium

Applicant:                        UCB

Name of the Pharmaceuticals:

Generic Name:       Levetiracetam

Brand Name:           Keppra Tablet

Authorization No.:          B-BE02122411

Authorization Date:        December24, 2002


As regards that, it was confirmed that the patent  EP 0162036provided by  UCBhad expired, this is to announce that, according to the Regulations on Administrative Protection for Pharmaceuticals, Article 15, the aforementioned administrative protection to Lanreotide Acetatein China is ceased by SFDA from May 14,2010.



Date:   May  21, 2010.